We believe in fostering a culture of thinkers and makers obsessed with using technology to create remarkable customer experiences.

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Our Story

Our Values

People First

Relationships are our gold standard. To that end, we always put our people first, because we know that the way we treat our employees is the way they’ll treat our customers.

Always learning

Our team has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. We embrace curiosity and continuous learning, pushing ourselves to level up our skill, remain relevant in our field, and stay abreast of the latest tech innovations.

Working to live

Work is just one facet of a person’s life, and we intend to keep it that way. That’s why our entire team works remotely – because we’ve found that working from home means more time with family and pursuing passions, happier teams and better results.

Embracing our differences

Diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Our team comes from a wide range of backgrounds; by including people from all walks of life, we're able to bring out the best, most colourful ideas and solutions.

Our clients are our partners

We only succeed when our clients do. For that reason, we consider those we work with as partners. Our business model revolves around the goals of our clients, because we know that your success is our success.

We see the best in people

We assume the best of those we work with, whether it’s with a client or within our own teams. We’ve found that assuming positive intent from our clients and colleagues leads to a positive work environment where everybody thrives.

Greater than the sum of our parts

We believe we’re at our best when we work together. We’ve created a culture in which team members come together and elevate one another to perform at a higher standard than they ever could alone.

Constant strive for excellence

When something is good, we want to make it great. It’s in our DNA to challenge the status quo and push the envelope. We are not afraid to ask the hard questions that make our work better.

Doing the right thing

We keep our moral compass close at hand with the hope that it guides us in everything we do, whether big or small. Integrity is at the forefront and we will choose to do the right thing.

Meet Our Leadership

Gopi Ramineni
Founder & CEO

Gopi founded Gerent in 2007 with a drive to fuel businesses with disruptive change using powerful technology. He has built an exceptional team around him, all while helping businesses put their customers at the center of everything they do.

Gopi is an expert in the Salesforce platform and has contributed to more than 900 projects in the Salesforce domain over the last 20 years.

In his downtime, Gopi can be found reading, spending time with his family and kids, kicking back with a classic movie, or trying a new local restaurant.

Deb Stefanoni
Chief People Officer

Deb has spent a total 26 years working in sales and consulting in the Information Technology industry, with 14 of those years focused directly on Salesforce.

As the Chief People Officer at Gerent, Deb loves that she gets to set others up for success on a daily basis.

Fun fact: Deb is ALL about health and wellness, clean eating, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Ravi Muntha
SVP, Delivery

With over 25 years of towering experience in cloud-enabled enterprise transformations for a wide array of industries, Ravi is well known for driving profitability and delivering results. He is versed in a variety of business management strategies, including re-engineering and process optimization. Ravi specializes in orchestrating highly productive and cost-effective delivery models by combining organizational design, financial transformation, and process improvement with leading-edge technology.

When he is not immersed in his work, Ravi enjoys spending time with his family and cheering on the Detroit Lions. He is also an avid tennis fan, and enjoys playing tennis with his daughter on a regular basis.

Ketta Riley
Travel & Hospitality Practice Lead

Ketta has over 35 years of travel and hospitality leadership experience, 10 of which have been spent working on Salesforce implementations. She leverages her experience combined with extensive knowledge of industry market trends to support our customers’ businesses.

More than anything, Ketta is energized by the shared vision and freedom to innovate at Gerent.

Outside of work, Ketta is passionate about rescue animals and horses.

David Morley
Manufacturing Practice Lead

David Morley is a 30-year manufacturing vet and early Salesforce adopter. Over the course of his career, he has had international success in sales, marketing, operations, turnarounds, business development, startups, and strategic planning, with a track record of driving revenue and increasing profitability.

He enjoys the fun and collaborative nature of the Gerent work culture.

David is originally from the UK, and moved to the US in 1998.

Lance Johnson
EQMS & EHS Practice Lead

After 20 years working on software projects in the life sciences sector – including a gig as the primary consultant for the FDA’s Office of Regulatory Affairs quality management implementation – Lance decided to bring his experience to the world of Salesforce.

At Gerent, Lance thrives off the team’s ability to rapidly deliver business value to customers.

A music grad, Lance plays jazz keyboard with a small combo in the Salt Lake City area.

April Bollwage
Education Practice Lead

April has spent over 20 years working for both non-profit and private education and training organizations and has developed and redesigned processes to support over 60 domestic learning centers and 650 colleges and universities. Her specialty is in strategic operations and enrollment management.

April loves Gerent for its spirit of innovation and collaboration, meaningful partner engagement, and investment in long-lasting relationships.

When not working, April loves learning new languages and exploring different cultures.

Anil Kumar
Healthcare Practice Lead

Anil is equipped with 25 robust years of demonstrated success in growing the revenues of healthcare practices. He has held multiple leadership roles in a variety of healthcare settings, managing everything from niche businesses to billion-dollar enterprises. Anil is versed in thinking through strategic issues, building alternative solution frameworks, and justifying financial investments. He offers a profound understanding of the healthcare industry as a whole, including its value chain and regulatory bodies.

Donn Vucovich
Insurance Practice Lead

Donn is a multidimensional business executive and trusted advisor to senior executives in the insurance industry, with 30 years of deep experience.

He has successfully led organizations through numerous transformations leveraging his ability to develop and execute business, operational and technical strategies, deliver hands-on leadership, and offer sharp financial acumen.

Kishan Ramineni
Salesforce Industries Lead

Kishan has over 15 years of diverse Information Technology experience primarily in Health, Insurance, Finance, and Pharmaceutical. He has extensive experience with enterprise application deployment architectures and environments in these sectors as well as architecting and designing end-to-end applications and solutions with technical, economic, and risk trade-offs.

Kishan is a member of Vlocity (Salesforce Industries) Industry Partners Masters Program and has been widely endorsed by customers in the Health and Insurance industry.

Mike Simon
Digital Practice Lead

Mike has over 35 years of marketing, product development, and IT management experience. He’s worked as CIO of a global logistics firm, and as the Global Solution Executive for IBM IT Outsourcing. Mike’s primary professional focus is on realizing the power of digital brands, data-driven marketing, and product experience and innovation.

Eric Satterthwaite
SVP Sales - Manufacturing, Distribution, Automotive, Travel & Education

Over the course of 10 years, Eric has helped hundreds of companies realize their CRM goals and realize ROI from the Salesforce platform.

Eric embraces Gerent’s boutique operation, which lets him treat every customer like they’re his only customer.

Outside of work, Eric’s two greatest passions are old-school jazz and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Tom Harding
SVP Sales - Insurance, Health & EQMS

An enterprise solution implementation leader with 25 years’ experience in consulting and systems integration, software, and outsourcing, including 12 years in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Tom loves how Gerent has found the “magic intersection” between hard work, getting things done, and having fun.

When he’s not immersed in Salesforce, Tom likes to play jazz banjo, guitar, and ukulele, as well as sing.

Scott Filchak
VP, Customer Success

Scott has worked for and with CRM software companies for over 33 years. He has consulted companies of all sizes on how to successfully implement configurable products.

He worked as a leader within the Services team at Salesforce and Vlocity for over 8 years combined, and loved working with the Gerent team along the way, which eventually led him to join the company.  

Scott enjoys being with his wife, two grown children and three grandkids, while traveling, boating and especially fishing.

Chaitanya Sonarikar
VP, Product Development

A former CIO at a global organization, Chaitanya has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing technology, digital transformation, business operations, and program management.

Chaitanya deeply values Gerent’s collaborative environment, continuous professional development opportunities, and constant innovation.

After hours, Chaitanya loves watching sports, reading, and spending time with his children.

Charlene Stefanazzi
VP, Marketing

Charlene has spent over a decade in marketing working in a variety of industries, from fashion to consumer-packaged goods (CPG) to technology.

She appreciates Gerent for its unmatched agility and the freedom it gives her to innovate, push the envelope, and try new things.

An artist at her core, Charlene is an avid photographer and is also passionate about interior design and decorating. She also loves to travel, and finds it gives her the rest and reset she needs.

Deepika Bharathraj
VP, Operations

As the VP of Operations for the past four years, Deepika has played a pivotal role in developing our Gerent family. She is well versed in managing the entire human resources cycle for all employees, while providing operational support to ensure consistent success.

Deepika oversees the digital transformation of HRIS systems, manages applicant tracking software, and administers employee benefits. In addition, she spearheads many financial aspects of our firm, including payroll, accounts payable, expenses, and records management.

Getting to know employees is one of Deepika’s favorite aspects about her job — she strives to make everyone feel valued and heard. Outside of work, Deepika’s interests include art, interior design, and gardening. She also loves cooking for her family!

Will Shu
VP, Technology

With over 27 years working with technology, Will has spent the last 10 years spearheading Salesforce digital transformations in the finance and education sectors.

For Will, the best part about working at Gerent is that he gets to use the latest technology to drive success for businesses in a wide range of industries.

Outside the office, Will is a travel enthusiast who enjoys experiencing new local cuisines.

Our Workplace

At Gerent, we’ve been working remotely since 2008 – long before it wasn’t an option.

We understand what it takes to be effective and deliver value to our customers in a remote environment. The ability to work from anywhere speaks to the core of who we are as an organization. By providing our team with flexibility in their work life, we keep them energized and motivated to do their best work.

We pledge 1% of our profits
and time to charity

Gerent is a proud member of Pledge 1%
along with Salesforce and many others.

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