Industry Expertise

Different industries each present unique opportunities and challenges within their Salesforce implementation journey. As your trusted guide, Gerent has its feet on the ground in a wide range of markets to ensure that we’re well-versed in the solutions that will uniquely suit your business. From Manufacturing to Travel and Hospitality, Higher Education and more, we’ll guide you in leveraging Salesforce solutions to transform the customer experience and ultimately, your business.


Manufacture success throughout the entire product life cycle

Modern manufacturers are demanding intelligence across their entire supply chain. From gathering customer insights, to managing development teams, to collaborating with dealers and distributors on sales, service, marketing and more, manufacturers need solutions that will streamline and simplify complex processes, improve process visibility and compliance, and enhance overall internal and external connectivity. Scalable platforms like Salesforce will ensure manufacturers can grow while keeping everyone on the same page, boosting productivity, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and linking savings to the bottom line.

Gerent has successfully completed a vast number of implementation projects in this space. Manufacturing is a significant focus area and we continue to elevate our presence and expertise in this space through substantial resource and market expansion efforts. To date, Gerent is among the most frequently selected partners for manufacturing projects within the commercial segment at Salesforce; this means industrious organizations continue to turn to Gerent for reliable and impactful implementations.

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Bring leverage and speed to insurance change

The insurance industry is finding ways to utilize digital technology to drive down costs, create greater flexibility and agility and, most importantly, to reach customers in new, faster, and more direct ways.

Gerent is an early implementor of Salesforce Industries for Insurance and is one of a handful of partners in the ecosystem who knows this space intimately. Gerent strives to drive transformative change throughout the insurance value chain and deeply understands what it takes to leverage the right cloud technology in setting insurance companies apart in the evolving risk marketplace.

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Travel & hospitality

Set sail with solutions that transform each travel experience

Savvy sightseers demand seamless experiences. To secure more reservations and enhance each guest’s getaway, travel and hospitality organizations need to leverage their data in favour of the customer. Solutions that are driven by artificial intelligence can provide uniquely personalized travel options for guests plus a digitally connected service platform for the exceptional teams that drive them. In addition, for those lacking visibility to customers who are at-risk, comprehensive analytics can help in proactively engaging them and identifying areas of opportunity to retain them.

To create an impactful connection with customers, travel and hospitality organizations have turned to Gerent to expertly execute many Salesforce implementation projects, with a deep specialization in cruise lines of all sizes, spanning local to global. Our extensive industry experience has enabled global tourism providers to optimize operations in favor of their guests in all areas of sales, service and marketing.

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Technology can fundamentally transform and streamline quality practices

Modern organizations strive to meet customer requirements, leading to more customers, sales, and recurring business. Efficiently meeting internal requirements and regulations creates room for profit, growth, and expansion.

Gerent has helped implement Electronic Quality Management Systems (EQMS) for companies, and can help improve every aspect of your organization's performance by engaging your staff, lowering costs, preventing mistakes, reducing waste, facilitating training management, and demonstrating your processes are in control. Additionally, an EQMS can help establish and maintain a culture of continuous improvement where employees are engaged and empowered to help improve your business.


Higher Education

Advance education with a connected community

Learning is a life-long commitment. That’s why it’s integral for educational institutions, universities, schools and other learning facilities to connect with their constituents at several touch points. From attracting prospects to onboarding, engagement and collaboration, solutions specifically geared towards education providers will ensure that learners are guided throughout their journey.

Redefining and optimizing these customer experiences is at the core of Gerent’s portfolio for many global higher education companies. We’ve helped boost recruiting productivity, build long-lasting alumni relationships, design personalized 1-to-1 student experiences, and cultivate better campus collaboration. With social, mobile and cloud solutions, we’re able to provide a unified view of all consumer touch points to ensure our customers not only foster deeper connections with their clientele but optimize their own operations as well.

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Drive innovation from the inside out

Customer experience is now the key to sustaining competitive advantage in a highly competitive and fast-paced industry. One of the ways in which High Tech companies can stay ahead of the curve is to put their customers at the center of their business. This means modernizing existing processes and systems, finding new ways to work, revolutionizing customer engagement, and leveraging data and analytics for actionable and strategic insights.

Gerent has deep experience in the High Tech industry having worked successfully with many leading software and hardware companies ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals. From developing customer life-cycle strategies to automating business processes and improving forecast and pipeline management, Gerent has been working hand-in-hand with tech companies to capitalize on opportunities, gain efficiencies, and push the boundaries of Salesforce for over a decade.



Easily manage your customers, employees, projects and financials

Professional Services organizations face unique challenges, often struggling with control and visibility of projects, tracking work hours and budgets, and interdepartmental communication barriers. Salesforce for Pro Services can offer unprecedented visibility across sales, service, delivery, and finance, providing your teams with easy and convenient mobile and social solutions that keep projects on budget and on time.

Using Salesforce Professional Services Automation from FinancialForce, Gerent has helped a broad range of pro services firms improve sales collaboration, project management, and resource management. Specifically, Gerent has helped break down silos between service and sales, enabling teams to work together on scoping, planning, and pricing as well as improve visibility to individual projects, all sales activity and the complete service and delivery line, all on a single app.

Be timely and relevant at every stage of your customer’s financial journey

A highly customized customer experience is critical to success in Wealth Management, Banking, Insurance, and Capital Markets. That’s why the next-generation tools for financial services helps you set up a strategy that allows you to connect with clients like never before. To earn your customer’s trust and build their confidence, both of which are critical to success in the Financial Services sector, you have to have the ability to get the right and most relevant information to them quickly and at exactly the right time.

Gerent has successfully implemented Financial CRM across different segments in the Financial Services industry. We’ve helped Wealth Management advisors by giving them the ability to deeply understand and address customer needs, fostering rich relationships. We’ve enabled mortgage, retail, and commercial bankers obtain a full 360-degree view of their customers on demand. And we’ve helped insurance firms design personalized communication across different channels and platforms, significantly enhancing customer interactions.

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Retail & Cpg

Reinvent your customer shopping experience

More than ever, shoppers are looking for personalized offers derived from their purchase history. They’re also overwhelmed with too many marketing messages on a day-to-day basis. In today’s retail landscape, the only path forward is to get smarter about your shoppers; identify their needs and preferences so you can reach them at the right time and place, cutting through the clutter with the most relevant message.

Gerent has implemented Salesforce retail management software that has helped retail companies clean up their data, profile their customers intelligently, and segment them accordingly. We’ve streamlined internal processes and automated many marketing efforts, creating predictive 1-to-1 shopper journeys that can get the right incentive out to the right audience using the right channel at the right time, enabling retailers to attract and engage their customers more easily than ever before.

Onto the next page of game-changing tools

If you are feeling the impact of not having sufficient data to analyze and inform your communication strategies or are struggling to provide 1-to-1 personalized brand journeys for your customers at every touch point, Salesforce for Media & Communications can change the game. It gives you comprehensive tools to optimize the customer experience. You can easily collect, clean, organize, and achieve a single view of all customer data from subscriptions, to consumption, billing, and service, all helping you learn about and understand customer preferences to ultimately serve up timely and relevant content.

Through the implementation of Salesforce for Media & Communications, Gerent has helped a wide range of broadcast and media companies tap into social, mobile, cloud, and analytics technologies to better connect with their customers and build stronger relationships with them.

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Get to know the person behind the patient

There’s a person behind every patient at the doctor’s office or hospital and getting to know them deeply will only improve overall quality of care that they receive. Having a panoramic view of each patient, connected throughout your healthcare community is going to foster significantly stronger relationships between patients, payers and care providers. The ultimate goal is to empower caregivers and providers to see their patients as highly valued customers who have the choice to select the best care provider for them.

Gerent has helped many health care providers meet the many new and demanding challenges that the healthcare industry is facing today. We’ve facilitated in the acceleration of acquisition, enrollment, service, and innovation, and have helped to elevate the overall quality of care by successfully implementing Healthcare software from Salesforce.