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We have one commitment, driven by our goal to always succeed: deliver to our customers high value services based on our expertise in the manufacturing sector, and do so through innovative solutions expertly implemented.

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QMS and Salesforce: A Better, Faster Path to Compliance

Manufacturers must deal with many challenges from global competition and far-flung supply chains to the ever-changing landscape of regulations.

Many companies try to keep up with regulatory demands using a conventional spreadsheet Quality Management System.

But, often, it isn’t robust enough to manage the task. More companies are adopting the Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS), from ComplianceQuest, based entirely on the Salesforce platform.

As ComplianceQuest’s implementation and consultation partner, Gerent has authored a White Paper, titled QMS and Salesforce: A Better, Faster Path to Compliance, to explain why this EQMS is superior to conventional forms and how staying compliant and in conformance is straightforward, thanks to Salesforce technology.

Ahead of the Curve Podcast

Episode 7: Manufacturing Cloud – Uniting Sales and Production Planning

Salesforce unveiled Manufacturing Cloud in September 2019. Its aim is to more closely align sales forecasting and production planning to achieve greater efficiency for manufacturers and their supply chains and heighten customer satisfaction. We speak with two Manufacturing Cloud experts and delve into how it works and why it’s solving along standing problem for manufacturers.

You can count on us

We have deep experience in Salesforce for Manufacturing.

Gerent has been successfully implementing technology solutions for both discrete and process manufacturers for the past 11 years.

Manufacturing is our largest focus area.

Making up 40% of our customer base, we know manufacturing and we know how to help manufacturers wring the most out of technology to reduce waste and overhead and increase value for customers.

We drive fast time to value.

Quality is important to us but so is speed. Our project completion rate is known to be 40% faster than other Salesforce consulting and implementation partners saving you time and money and accelerating business value.

We saw significant growth from last year.

We grew an incredible 43% in this sector from 2018 to 2019 and project double-digit growth in 2020 due to the quality and success of our solutions.

We have substantial experience in both discrete and process.

Because of Gerent’s experience in creating technology solutions for the manufacturing sector, we have the depth of knowledge to work with significant types of manufacturing - discrete or process - and deliver on our promise of high-value service.

Chaitanya Sonarikar

VP of Manufacturing Practice

Our Head of Manufacturing, Chaitanya Sonarikar, has over two decades of experience in manufacturing around the globe. He served as a former CIO of a global manufacturing company where he successfully implemented the Salesforce platform.

Where we can help


The Challenge

How to leverage digital marketing, e-commerce, customer service and order processing and fulfillment to meet demands for greater customization and faster delivery.

The Solution

We implement Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud with customer web interfaces and web portal development to ensure a complete customer profile.


The Challenge

A lack of uniformity among existing applications that prevents seamless integration of ERP and CRM technology, leading to significant data constraint.

The Solution

We develop APIs or modify apps, utilizing Salesforce Lightning to permit the real-time migration of ERP data to the Salesforce CRM platform.

Data Analytics &
Decision Aids

The Challenge

Analyzing data from HMIs to rapidly and efficiently generate warning reports and prevent flaws in products during the manufacturing process.

The Solution

Salesforce Einstein, A.I. that delivers predictions and recommendations from your unique processes and customer data, automates responses and increases employee productivity.

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