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Gerent strives to become the premier Travel & Hospitality industry partner for services implementation in the Salesforce ecosystem.

With unique experience among Salesforce consulting partners, particularly regarding cruise industry Salesforce implementations, coupled with a decade-plus of established trust by Salesforce’s own Professional Services team, Gerent will leverage its differentiated foundation to deliver unparalleled, results-based, Salesforce solution success within the Travel & Hospitality industry.


We are dedicated to helping our travel partners and customers focus on the safety of travellers, work with pandemic guidelines of the CDC and WHO, and develop a sound strategic plan to address the future of travel.

What’s new?

The DeepQuest Solution: Small Travel Operators Secure Market Share

Smaller travel companies like specialty cruise lines, rail and bus companies and small, boutique hotels often have an extremely difficult time competing in a space controlled by giant online travel organizations with enormous marketing and technology budgets.

That’s why Gerent developed and brought to market an affordable Salesforce-powered solution called DeepQuest. DeepQuest is module-based and each module serves a specific need. Whether it’s a powerful reservation system, a shore excursion booking platform or a marketing tool, DeepQuest offers Salesforce CRM power for the travel industry – at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Download our DeepQuest white paper and learn how this remarkable product is driving productivity in travel.

Ahead of the Curve Podcast

Episode 6: DeepQuest: Levelling the Playing Field in the Travel Industry

One product is giving small travel companies more muscle in their industry: DeepQuest, developed by Gerent. DeepQuest is built on the Salesforce platform and offers powerful technology to compete with Expedia and Travelocity. The latest episode of Ahead of the Curve talks with the woman behind DeepQuest and one satisfied customer solving numerous marketing challenges with it.

You can count on us

Depth of Experience

With over 40 years of experience and 40,000 hours of implementation, we have deep understanding of the Travel & Hospitality sector. We know what it takes to drive revenue and reduce costs, and we know the importance of staying up to date with new and current global requirements pertaining to COVID-19, GDPR, and PCI compliance.

Broad Areas of Focus

We specialize in multiple areas of the Travel & Hospitality Industry including but not limited to Cruise Lines, Shore Tour Operators, Transportation such as limousines, buses, and trains, and Hotels & Lodges, including both retail and wholesale models.

Knowledge & Expertise

Our expertise in the sector is enriched with a strong network of travel partners and a large user community that we leverage for research and development. We work with Senior Management in a number of organizations to ensure continuous visibility to top-level visions across travel markets.

Committed to Innovation

Our DeepQuest solution is a one-stop-shop, low-cost, and easy implementation Salesforce-powered CRM solution designed to help SMBs in the Travel & Hospitality industry optimize their customer relationships and scale their business.

Customer Success

We’ve successfully deployed a wide range of Salesforce solutions for some of the largest players in the Travel & Hospitality industry, including but not limited to Norwegian Cruise Line, Alaskan Dream Cruises, Crystal Cruises, Lindblad Expeditions, & Florida Tours.


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Ketta Riley

SVP of Travel & Hospitality Practice

Ketta Riley brings over 30 years of experience in the Travel & Hospitality industry. She spent a large part of her career driving growth and innovation in a wide range of roles at Norwegian Cruise Line and has an intimate understanding of the sector. She has tackled many challenges and changes in the industry for multiple decades and brings with her comprehensive, 360-degree expertise.

Where we can help

Customer Engagement

Use the best technology tools for the sector to build customer journeys, drive brand awareness, and foster strong customer relationships.

Process Standardization

Streamline operations and automate processes by enabling easy connectivity to external travel portals and booking engines that expand customer reach.

Data Analytics

Run reports and dashboards leveraging Mulesoft, API builder, and Einstein.

Safety Measures

Enable Covid-19 tracing and strengthen customer support with additional touch points.


Remain up to date on GDPR data protections, customer privacy acts, and PCI compliance.

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