What Does “Agility” Mean in the
Digital Age?

New Perspectives on Distribution

Wednesday, October 6th, 2021
4:30 PM — 5:45 PM EST

Join distribution executives from Orgill, Salesforce, and Gerent for a:

Panel + Roundtable Discussion

Hear new perspectives, explore key trends and strategies, and ask your burning questions.

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The future of distribution has arrived. Is your organization prepared?

The fourth industrial revolution has arrived — and as a result, executives across the globe have been compelled to ponder what the world’s increasing reliance on innovative digital tools and big data will mean for their organizations. Their considerations inevitably come to one conclusion: that soon, tried-and-true operational processes will no longer pass muster amid a fast-evolving industry landscape.

To remain competitive, distribution executives will need to update their perspectives and develop distribution strategies that are better suited to the reality and demands of a digitally-savvy, data-empowered world.

The time to prepare is now. On Wednesday, October 6th, from 4:30 PM to 5:45 PM, join Gerent and Salesforce for a deep dive into the state of distribution today and learn how innovative players are reimagining their operations to meet the fourth industrial revolution head-on.

During this event, attendees will have the chance to hear a panel of experts share their insights into the current challenges facing distribution as well as air their own thoughts via an interactive roundtable discussion. Representatives from Orgill, a major distribution organization, will also be present as a real-life case study of how Salesforce CRM systems can help distributors bolster their achievement potential.

These conversations will explore timely topics such as:

  • How distribution leaders can imbue their supply chains with greater flexibility and adaptability by integrating AI tools and customer self-service platforms
  • Why distributors should use big data analytics to improve their S&OP alignment and gain significant visibility on product profitability
  • How distributors can leverage technology to bolster efficiency and attract a younger workforce

Featured Experts

Marc Hamer

Executive VP, CIO, CTO

Marc Hamer is a transformation-focused executive with extensive P&L experience. Over the last several decades, he has proven himself adept in designing, developing, and transforming startups into Fortune 500 companies. He excels in delivering bottom-line results while maximizing customer experience and has overseen no less than 45 M&A transactions. He currently sits on the advisory boards for CNBC, Nutanix and PTC.

Michael Janney

Vice President, Industry Advisor

Michael Janney is a seasoned executive who has several decades of experience in driving corporate strategy, leveraging innovative technology within distribution operations, and conducting strategic multi-year transformation plans. He is a former shareholder and Chief Information Officer of a global manufacturing company and now contributes his expertise to the Salesforce Manufacturing Industries Team.

David Morley

Distribution Practice Leader

David Morley is a 30-year manufacturing veteran and early Salesforce adopter. Over the course of his career, he has achieved international success in sales, marketing, operations, turnarounds, business development, startups, and strategic planning.

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