Ahead of the Curve

Gerent’s monthly podcast series that focuses on the enormous role technology is playing in both the manufacturing sector and the travel and hospitality sector.

Whether it’s CRM and ERP integration, smart factories, the role of AI on the factory floor, or how small travel companies are using technology to hold their own, Ahead of the Curve dives into the substance and surfaces with clear explanations of how technology is impacting both industries.

Each month, we feature different subject matter experts with knowledge and understanding of the needs of manufacturers and travel operators to show why technology is generating tremendous efficiencies.

Episode 11: Technology: The Key To Re-Opening Safely

Ahead of the Curve examines how Gerent has improved upon Work.com, the Salesforce platform designed to help both the private and public sector to reopen safely during the global pandemic. Gerent’s innovations to Work.com focus on the manufacturing sector and the education sector – two areas critical to both the economy and social development. Our guest is Murty Chennubhotla, product architect with Gerent.

Episode 10: ERP/CRM Integration - The Holy Grail in Data Access

As companies realize they must tear down silos and make data access universal within their organizations, the need for genuine integration of ERP & CRM has never been more important. The concept’s not new but the results can be mixed. However, one company says it has a product that delivers real ERP/CRM integration. Listen now!

Episode 9: Can Manufacturing Recover From The Pandemic?

Manufacturing around the globe collapsed in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. First supply, and then demand evaporated. Millions of manufacturing jobs have been lost. Simply re-opening factories  doesn’t mean demand returns. It will likely be a slow, painful process. Yet, there are bright spots emerging. In this episode, Tim Gollin, former global CEO of Arc International, offers his perspective and insight on what lies ahead for the manufacturing sector.

Episode 8: Pulling Manufacturing Out Of The Pandemic

Industry is reeling from a total collapse in global demand and disruption to supply chains around the world due to COVID-19. Manufacturers are uncertain about whether or not to hold inventory. They need something that can peer through the uncertainty to spot the earliest signs of renewed demand.

Episode 8 of Ahead of the Curve features Adam Alfano, Senior Area Vice President in the Salesforce Manufacturing Vertical, talking about the role and benefits of Manufacturing Cloud during and after the global pandemic

Episode 7: Manufacturing Cloud – Uniting Sales and Production Planning

Salesforce unveiled Manufacturing Cloud in September 2019. Its aim is to more closely align sales forecasting and production planning to achieve greater efficiency for manufacturers and their supply chains and heighten customer satisfaction. We speak with two Manufacturing Cloud experts and delve into how it works and why it’s solving along standing problem for manufacturers.

Episode 6: DeepQuest: Levelling the Playing Field in the Travel Industry

One product is giving small travel companies more muscle in their industry: DeepQuest, developed by Gerent. DeepQuest is built on the Salesforce platform and offers powerful technology to compete with Expedia and Travelocity. The latest episode of Ahead of the Curve talks with the woman behind DeepQuest and one satisfied customer solving numerous marketing challenges with it.

Travel & Hospitality

Episode 5: Slaying the Twin Dragons of Compliance and Quality

The manufacturing sector is subject to hundreds of thousands of rules and restrictions. An Enterprise Quality Management Solution is a manufacturer’s best means to ensure product quality and compliance automatically, using Salesforce technology adapted by ComplianceQuest.

Guests include Paul Sanderson, Manager of Solutions Engineering at ComplianceQuest and Chaitanya Sonarikar, Gerent’s V.P. of Manufacturing Services.

Episode 4: A CEO’s View Of Technology in Manufacturing

Tim Gollin is the former CEO of a global manufacturer with more than 10 thousand employees in five countries. He’s seen how technology can be oversold and the capital investment wasted.

Tim explains why this happens and how to avoid the same mistake. He also shares his experience with a successful Salesforce CRM implementation that transformed his own company

Episode 3: Practical Uses of Technology in Manufacturing

Episode 3 of Ahead of the Curve tackles some of the many pain points and challenges that manufacturers face today, along with some of the technology solutions that Gerent is using to eliminate those pain points. This program features Eric Satterthwaite, Gerent’s V.P. of Sales, someone who spends his days in the trenches with manufacturers and knows their issues, all too well.

Manufacturing, High-Tech

Episode 2: Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing

In the second episode of Ahead of the Curve, we speak with two experts on AI and how it is being applied within the manufacturing vertical with great success. Plus, where and how to begin the AI journey.

Manufacturing, High-Tech

Episode 1: How CRM Helps Manufacturers Boost Sales

We hear a lot about CRM in manufacturing, today. It’s a powerful software platform that helps to create and cement close relationships with customers – and, ultimately, drive revenue. In the first episode of Ahead of the Curve, we talk to two manufacturing experts from Salesforce and dig into how and why CRM can generate great benefits for this sector.

Manufacturing, High-Tech
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