A White Paper and Podcast Series on Digital Transformation

A White Paper and Podcast Series on Digital Transformation

The phrase ”Industry 4.0” has become as well known as “Google it!”.

But just 8 years ago, it didn’t exist.

It was at the annual Hanover Trade Fair in Germany in 2011 when the term first came into being.

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research was trying to concoct a shorthand method for describing how the interaction of cyber and physical systems was creating what they referred to as new business models.

We have come light years in a very short time from “new business models”; now we speak of smart factories, Artificial Intelligence, 3D printing, robotics and CRM/ERP integrations.

Global Disruption

The bottom line is that Industry 4.0, today, represents a tsunami of digital transformation sweeping into every corner of human activity and disrupting virtually every business in every sector of the global economy.

Manufacturing is seeing a de facto revolution in everything from how a product is made to how a manufacturer meets the increasing demands and needs of an impatient, online customer.

The pace at which this change is occurring is breathtaking – and daunting.

Perhaps that’s why as recently as 2017, Gartner surveyed CIOs at global firms about their use of AI and found that only 4% had actually deployed  artificial intelligence in their organizations.

Finding the Starting Point to Transformation

What could be at play with this low level of adoption is the difficulty for manufacturers in finding a starting point for what is, after all, a digital transformation of a business.

It’s impossible to simply inject AI into a manufacturing organization, for example, without having a clear idea of where you want to go with it, how you plan to get there and what your starting point is.

For this reason, Gerent has authored a White Paper entitled A Digital Transformation Road Map for Manufacturers.

We wrote it from our own deep experience in helping manufacturers begin the transformation process or provide more clarity and direction for those who've already begun to transform and we invite you to download your copy here.

Our New Podcast Series

Gerent is also excited to announce a new podcast series to discuss the many different aspects of Industry 4.0 today, with guest experts from around the world.

Our series, Ahead of the Curve, produced in conjunction with Salesforce, deals with the sort of digital disruption that our White Paper examines.

In our first episode, you’ll hear two experts discuss:

  • What CRM can do
  • How integrating it with ERP generates exponential increases in possibilities and opportunities
  • Why such integration is critical to maintain and deepen relationships with customers, as well as strengthen competitive advantages.

Ahead of the Curve is available through iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, TunedIn and other podcast distributors. Click here and start listening!

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