DeepQuest: Flexible, Affordable Technology To Drive Sales and Revenue for Small Travel Companies

DeepQuest: Flexible, Affordable Technology To Drive Sales and Revenue for Small Travel Companies

World travel is growing rapidly. In 2018, international travel was up 6%, compared to the historic average of 4%.

Revenues, as a result, are growing considerably.

Online Agencies Cash In

This is good news for established travel agencies – especially the global leaders in online travel: Expedia, Booking Holdings (formerly Priceline), Travelocity and several others whose revenue figures are staggering in their size.

Expedia’s revenue in 2018 approached 90 billion USD; Booking Holdings was close to 82 billion USD.

It’s also good news for the thousands of tour operators, transportation and cruise lines in the United States and elsewhere.

A Big Challenge for Small Companies

Their challenge, however, is to attract attention and convert that attention into business, no small task when trying to compete with major players like Expedia and their massive marketing budgets which have allowed them to create a huge brand presence and drive brand awareness and reinforcement.

Small travel firms know that they can offer something the big guys can’t:  personalized, customized services that deliver unique experiences for their clients.

How To Compete? Use DeepQuest

What they need is the same kind of advantage that the major players employ - technology.

The giant firms like TripAdvisor, Booking and Expedia rely heavily on data analytics to find new markets and new purchasers for their online travel services.

However, thanks to a Salesforce-powered application from Gerent LLC, called DeepQuest, the “minnows” now have the means to compete alongside the whales.

DeepQuest is the brainchild of Ketta Riley and Gerent.

Gaining An Edge

Riley is a veteran of the travel business with more than 30 years of experience in the cruise industry, much of it with Norwegian Cruise Lines, one of the largest cruise companies in the world, where she was the V.P. of Global IT Business Processes.

Ketta saw firsthand that small and medium sized travel, cruise and boutique hotel operators along with transportation and tour operators were at an enormous disadvantage without a technology platform similar to what the big players are using.

“What they badly need is an edge that will help them level the playing field with the major online operators”, she explains. That’s when the idea for DeepQuest was born.

What Is DeepQuest?

DeepQuest is a multi-faceted technology platform that gives smaller firms the means to acquire, store and analyze data on their customers and prospects, expanding their view of who their customers are, where they are and what they want.

DeepQuest is more than simply a Salesforce-powered CRM solution. It also provides reservation, pricing and inventory control tools, so travel and hospitality companies get a complete package of services and abilities alongside a powerful customer relationship management capability.

Riley met with Gopi Ramineni, the CEO of Gerent LLC, a Salesforce partner highly respected for its work with CRMs, and, together, they set out to transform her DeepQuest concept into an affordable all-in-one solution for SMEs in the travel business.

DeepQuest is a cloud-based application that consists of a number of modules designed to serve any aspect of the industry:

  • Shore excursions
  • Cruise Reservations
  • Transportation
  • Tour operations
  • System integrations
  • Casino operations
  • Customer success

A Fully Flexible Solution

“A customer can choose just the modules they need. Or they can take the entire platform”, says Ketta Riley.

“The beauty of DeepQuest is that, from one module, a customer can add others as they wish, so the entire platform is scalable, flexible, resource-efficient and, above all, affordable. This paves the way to a new and powerful method of doing business in the travel and hospitality industry.”

Each module comes complete with its own reservation, pricing and inventory control systems, as well as an out-of-the-box CRM function, so buying a single module never means missing out on a powerful customer-centric solution.

Centralized and Organized Data

It also allows a small company to break free of spreadsheets and centralize data in one place for immediate access -  without the need for an IT department or expensive on-premises servers.

DeepQuest is changing the perception that business solutions need to be heavy with infrastructure and resources.

A Technology Platform To Maximize Revenue And Drive Success

More significantly, it’s opening up a door for smaller companies to compete against the behemoths in the online world at a fraction of the cost and with technology that will maximize their revenue growth.

Riley says she and Gerent have already landed a number of accounts with cruise lines and tour operators, with more in the pipeline.

“No one is doing anything like DeepQuest,” Riley explains, “so we’re really proud that we’ve stepped up with a product that is going to give power back to the SMEs in the travel business and transform their operations.”

To learn more about how DeepQuest can help your travel business, contact us to arrange a conversation.

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