Getting A Leg Up With QuickStart

Getting A Leg Up With QuickStart

When children are taught to swim, they’re never thrown into the deep end to start. That’s a terrible way to begin.

The same holds true for companies trying to learn how to set out on a journey to digital transformation.

Complex, Costly, Confusing

Yet, before the introduction of customer relationship management (CRM - now an almost universal acronym in business), the accepted way for a company to get its feet wet, digitally, was to jump – or be pushed -  into the deep end.

Data management systems as recently as 10 years ago were behemoths; they were often expensive systems that were huge, required miles of code and took months, if not years, to implement. Complex, inflexible and unwieldy was the only way they came; to quote Henry Ford on his famous Model Ts, “you can have any color you want so long as it’s black.”

All too often, any benefits of the ‘deep end’ approach to digital data management sank out of sight.

Making The First Digital Move Quick And Easy

The advent of nimble CRM systems, like Salesforce CRM, has changed all that. The approach to implementation has changed, too. Gerent, a global Salesforce solution and implementation provider, offers a package designed for companies making their first move into CRM.

It’s called QuickStart, and, as the name suggests, it’s designed to get companies up and running fast with a solid CRM solution that won’t blow their budgets.

Eric Satterthwaite, Gerent’s V.P. of Sales, describes QuickStart as a rapid deployment, standing up Salesforce in as little as five business days.

“QuickStart is meant to be the beginning of the journey – not the final destination. As long as clients go into it understanding what it should be used for, it can be very effective,” he explains. “It leads to a very successful customer who has minimized time to value, has got out of the gate quickly and is now moving to the next phase which could be something like an integration of CRM with their ERP system.”

In other words, QuickStart is designed for companies with small budgets or who want to get something rolled out quickly and into the hands of employees with the idea of moving forward and adding on in the future.

QuickStart comes with some parameters, given that the service is a fixed-price, fixed-time offering:

  • One business application (Sales Cloud or Service Cloud)
  • 40 hours of Gerent-supplied work (5 consecutive business days)
  • Includes email integration of Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook, if required
  • Limited to up to 30 users
  • Does NOT include data migration

This basic version has a price tag of $7400USD. There is a premium level called QuickStart Data Plus that provides for data migration, pushing the timeline to 80 hours (10 consecutive business days) along with the standard features of QuickStart for $14,800USD.

How QuickStart Works

QuickStart is limited to 30 users for one reason, says Satterthwaite. It’s not because of the numbers, but “when you get up over 30 employees, the roles are often dissimilar, the ways that different departments want to use QuickStart might be different which all means more time and complexity.”

Gerent begins the QuickStart process with a customer in an initial meeting of stakeholders, called an Analyze Workshop, to zero in on the company’s requirements.

“They may tell us they want to do 20 things,” says Eric, “and if we can do that in the time limit, then we will. If we can’t, we ask the customer to prioritize with the idea that what can’t be done in the QuickStart implementation forms the basis of a continuing roadmap for their future success.”

Along with the Analyze Workshop is end user training, guidance and training for a Salesforce Administrator within the customer company and a Configuration Workbook which documents the project objectives that were identified in the Analyze Workshop. Gerent’s assigned consultant will design, configure and build out the solution. “Then we do a demo for the customer,” Eric continues, “ so they can kind of beat it up a little bit, do some user acceptance testing and make sure that it’s working.”

Proven And Popular

QuickStart has proven very popular with Gerent customers; to date, the company has completed nearly 200 QuickStart projects, so the service has proven itself to work. Even though it’s inexpensive, Eric emphasizes that the low price doesn’t mean a customer gets low quality Gerent talent working on QuickStart solutions.

“Quite the opposite,” he says. “You need really smart people who’ve acquired a great deal of skill and have been doing these for a while. That’s what we’ve got at Gerent and that’s why we can say that we have some of the best and brightest minds in technology working with us.”

QuickStart is only one of a number of services that Gerent offers its customers. If you would like more information, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to discuss our range of offerings with you.

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