What is Gerent Managed Services?

What is Gerent Managed Services?

This is a common question that often gets confused with common support services. The difference is summed up in one word: proactivity. While simple, case-based support structures offer break/fix attention, Gerent Managed Services practice is involved with your Salesforce org - engaged with your company as a partner. We believe that the best approach to challenges is to see them coming. How do we do that when we aren’t there in the boardroom with you?

With Managed Services, It’s simpler than you may think:

  • We partner with you for regular weekly touch points and discuss issues, optimization, future plans and your business goals. We don’t leave without action items!
  • Through collaboration, we help identify growth potential in your org, from healthier user adoption to new tools to improve efficiency
  • We handle the “little things” like new user security, correct record visibility, page layout, field changes, and more
  • Have additional Salesforce products? We have a wealth of shared knowledge on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community/Experience Cloud, CPQ, Field, Service Lightning and more

One of our most unique features is our use of Jira to collect, organize and develop ideas with you. In addition to our Salesforce Community case queue for immediate issues, our Jira instance allows us to collaborate on your business trajectory and development to tackle larger-scale growth. Looking to hire 20 new sales people by Q3 but concerned about maintaining territories? Want to go global but don’t have multilingual currency set up? We can help you maximize your Salesforce org’s potential to reach those goals. Gerent Managed Service supports your company now and into the future.

Sounds great so far, but how do you collaborate on this level with different support agents? Did I mention that you will have a designated Managed Services resource for your team? No more faceless support! You will always know who to reach out to, who will be reviewing your cases and meeting with you at your touchpoints. We believe that actions and faces should go together.

Ready to start with Gerent Managed Services or just have some questions? Reach out and give us a call or shoot over an email. We can discuss our many flexible options to get the most out of our Managed Services practice.

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