Consulting & Implementation

Gerent’s Consulting & Implementation service is designed for both existing and new Salesforce customers. It is our complete solution from strategic consultation to success management and support. Our Consulting & Implementation service is perfect for both existing customers looking to expand their footprint with Salesforce and require the necessary advisory, design and implementation services and net new customers looking to deploy a more complex and integrated rollout of Salesforce across their entire business.

Strategic Consultation

Gerent’s strategic consultation is focused on establishing a vision for your Salesforce implementation in the context of the overall strategic direction and initiatives of your organization. Our seasoned, global team of Salesforce experts will tackle your complex business problems with innovative solutions and advise on the best path to get you there.

As a full-service Salesforce consulting partner, Gerent can help you grow and automate your business by leveraging digital transformation technologies that will create an engaging experience between your organization and your customers. Beginning with Executive Whiteboarding sessions with key stakeholders, Gerent is focused on understanding your business’ unique challenges and areas of opportunity in using Salesforce. We consult directly with your teams and key stakeholders to develop solutions that bend technology around your people and your process, ultimately building customer-centric, value-added solutions designed to drive transformational change and benefit your bottom line.

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Business Analysis & Solution Design

Gerent’s analysis and design is grounded in understanding the current and future state of your business along with defining a solution path to achieve that future state, focused on the operational objectives of your organization. Gerent’s proven approach involves extensive analysis, meticulous design, business process modification, and transformation enablement.

Gerent starts by conducting joint team Requirements Gathering Workshops to facilitate the discovery of both your functional and technical requirements, from understanding your business drivers and objectives, to determining your desired end state, to defining your key success metrics. Gerent consultants will conduct day-in-the-life shadowing of key stakeholders and end customers to achieve real world understanding of your business.

Gerent Solution and Technical architects will document all findings and recommendations that are then leveraged to begin building the tailored solution design for your business grounded on the Salesforce platform.

In our Design Workshops, your solution design is developed and your functional and technical requirements are translated into functional and technical design specifications. Design Workshops are focused on concepting and prototyping, workflow and approval process design, refining solution details, data mapping and migration planning, and defining the approach for success metrics tracking

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From initial analysis to final deployment, we create and execute your Salesforce roadmap. Our certified team of Salesforce experts has an in-depth, technical understanding of the platform, and will ensure your implementation is as seamless as possible while delivering on your key objectives.
Gerent is composed of solutions experts who know the entire Salesforce customer success platform inside-out. We work alongside you, our client, to design, test and roll out a custom solution, unique to your needs.

We help you better connect with your customers, partners, and employees by implementing your Salesforce solution using one of two trusted methods. We employ the Waterfall implementation method, which is ideal for smaller, more straightforward projects. And we also employ Agile, which is geared to complex deliverables, done in stages or “sprints”, with the client’s involvement and guidance along the way. Agile is perfect for projects that need to meet evolving changes or requirements.

Beyond these two principal frameworks of implementation, our services also ensure that your business operations are fully automated and integrated into the Salesforce solution we implement. There is no need to abandon your legacy CRM systems; we can migrate data from your existing platform to Salesforce and even integrate both if it means a more effective solution for you.

All of our Salesforce solutions are architected and managed to guarantee full connection, integration and streamlining of your business operations. With our strengths in mobile app development and our custom-designed application development experience, you can rely on Gerent to deliver exactly what you need.

Designing cloud-based solutions is what we do. Along the implementation journey, our team will monitor your CRM operations to solve any potential roadblocks. Our goal is to get you up and running with a complete Salesforce solution quickly and efficiently, so you can recognize a return on your investment fast.

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Success Management

Making your Salesforce implementation a seamless experience is at the heart of our success management. Gerent’s change management methodologies aim to minimize the impact of your Salesforce changes, and provide your teams with dedicated training, enablement and platform guidance.

Successful user adoption has the power to take your Salesforce investment to new heights. No matter how great the software platform, nor how great the implementation team, you’ll never see the intended return on investment if you can’t get the users to embrace the new tools in place. Gerent aims to accelerate your user adoption rates by equipping you with the appropriate resources, training and support to get your users on board. We help you prepare for change, manage change, and reinforce change.

We prepare you for change by defining your change management strategy, assembling your change management team, and developing your sponsorship model. We help you manage change by articulating the steps you can take to support the individuals who are impacted by the project. And we help you reinforce change by collecting and analyzing feedback, diagnosing gaps and managing resistance, and implementing corrective actions while celebrating successes.

Maximizing your innovation potential while minimizing any activation impacts require a structured approach built upon transparent communication. Early on in your Salesforce journey, Gerent will work with your stakeholders to determine the best approach for rolling out each solution in your environment. This ensures your users and teams have the preparation required to make a seamless transition to Salesforce’s functionalities.

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Ongoing Support

You can have the greatest CRM system and processes, but without someone to handle the ongoing support requirements of your Salesforce users, the road to success will become a challenge. Instead, Gerent will devise a customized support plan to meet your objectives and help you maximize your Salesforce investment.

Perhaps you don’t have a dedicated, full-time Salesforce Administrator, who can perform ongoing CRM tasks, such as reports and dashboards, list views, user administration and modification of page layouts.  Maybe there’s a super user or two, who have other full-time responsibilities but are also sharing the load of CRM administration. Do they have the required expertise to keep Salesforce in good health? Gerent’s support team can help.

Salesforce Administrator

A Gerent support representative, also known as a Concierge, will be assigned as your Salesforce Administrator for a set number of hours each month. This Concierge will serve as a part-time employee for you who will get to know your Salesforce setup and community.

This dedicated resource will handle your users’ requests and can also routinely review your systems and proactively make recommendations that will improve the health of Salesforce and enhance the user experience.

Blocks of Hours

Instead of a Concierge, you may opt to secure blocks of hours in increments of 50 or more. While you won’t be allocated a single individual who is dedicated to your account, you will be guaranteed the most appropriate Gerent resources to help you with your administrative and Salesforce support issues.

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