Health Check

Ensure your Salesforce investment is creating a competitive advantage. A Health Check will identify any barriers that could be hindering optimal results, discover possible opportunities, and provide you with a practical strategy for unlocking even more business value.

As your business evolves and expands, you need scalable CRM solutions that will continue to grow with you. Salesforce may be working well for you, but it’s likely that a lot has changed since your original implementation. You want to ensure that your initial investment is driving ongoing returns and evolving in alignment with your business.

The Gerent Health Check will help you get the most out of your Salesforce CRM, making sure it is fully optimized for your business needs and operational requirements. Gerent will review your current Salesforce usage, introduce you to features that could enhance productivity and recommend best practices for achieving maximum return.

A Gerent Health Check will identify:

Feature Utilization
Quality Inconsistencies
Incomplete Configurations
Security Gaps
User Adoption Rate
Potential Enhancements
Potential New Features

How does it work?

Step 1: Consultation

Opportunity areas with Salesforce along with any perceived challenges will be identified in an interview with your executives and key stakeholders. Your business needs and current Salesforce configurations will be evaluated and captured in a detailed Findings Report.

Step 2: Findings & Insights

Your Findings Report will outline both quick fixes and longer term recommendations. In a live, online collaborative session with your key stakeholders, Gerent will present your options, identify priorities and plan for any additional project work required that’s related to best practices, additional licenses or servicing.

Step 3: Scope of Work

This third and optional step is included if you elect to have Gerent’s team of Salesforce experts roll out the servicing levels recommended in your Health Check’s findings.