FTI Consulting Reaps Enormous Benefit From Gerent and Salesforce

When a major U.S.-based consulting firm approached Gerent, they had a tall order that needed to be filled.

FTI Consulting was already a global player in more than 27 countries around the world with sales of  1.5 billion USD annually. Their goal was to double that figure – in two years.

Internal Challenges That Hindered Growth

FTI Consulting knew there were internal challenges that needed to be addressed before any business plans aimed at reaching their target could be implemented.

Those challenges were common to many enterprise organizations with far-reaching operations:

  • Siloed customer sales efforts across its five divisions which resulted in multiple contacts  and annoyed customers – a direct result of replicated customer data.
  • No means to determine which customer records were the most current.
  • An existing CRM that was not cloud-based and required extensive hardware, especially servers, to handle data, making scalability difficult and expensive. The CRM was not integrated across the company’s five divisions, negating most of the benefits of an inter-connected platform.

So, there was a lot for Gerent to tackle before its client was going to be able to move effectively on its revenue goal.

Opting For A Cloud-Based CRM

The Gerent team got to work, first assessing the company’s overall business model and then architecting a solution that centered on Salesforce CRM, a fully cloud-based platform that was easily and affordably scalable.

The team deployed Salesforce, replacing the old CRM and other local systems in use. The next step was to optimize business processes. This involved creating ownership of defined accounts and contacts, creating clear paths of involvement for the multiple consultants within the consulting firm who might be working with the same customer.

Gerent and FTI Consulting went through extensive de-duplication of customer data and records, then migrated the scrubbed data to Salesforce.

The Salesforce solution also gives FTI Consulting the ability to generate detailed, custom reports and dashboards that display key data at a glance.

A Resounding And Profitable Success

None of these steps would benefit FTI Consulting without extensive training, always a hallmark of any Gerent solution, in order to maximize user compliance and understanding.

The results for the client were staggering; not only did the company meet their stated goal of doubling revenue to 3 billion USD but they did so in less time than the 2-year window.

Much of the credit, the client reports, goes to the Salesforce solution and the comprehensive implementation and training provided by Gerent. Now, the client’s consultants work collaboratively, communicating effectively and increasing performance and results.

Not surprisingly, customer satisfaction has risen dramatically due to two of Salesforce CRM’s main strengths: coordinated communication and relationship management.

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