Massive Data Integration Made Possible By A Single CRM Solution

Data storage in the cloud is often argued as a strong alternative to buying and maintaining on-premises hardware like servers.

However, not every company wants cloud services, exclusively. Companies that have already invested in servers and other hardware may be unwilling to abandon the investment.

An Alternative To The Cloud: Colocation

The alternative for these companies is colocation.

Colocation allows those enterprises with extensive hardware infrastructure to physically move the hardware off-site. Doing so allows for scalability without space constraint while, at the same time, providing enhanced data security.

An enterprise rents physical space from a colocation provider who also guarantees robust power supply, temperature control and maintenance.

Colocation service providers, along with cloud providers, have grown in size as the ongoing demand for off-site data management continues to increase dramatically.

Two Large Colocation Providers Join Forces

In 2016, one of Gerent’s clients that provides colocation and managed data services, acquired a similar company. The result was a doubling of the client’s data warehouses around the United States.

With the acquisition came the critical need to bring all data centers onto a single CRM platform and break down enormous data siloes without compromising system integration. Hundreds of customers were depending on their colocation provider to ensure access to data, 365 days a year.

QTS was already using a Salesforce CRM and wanted to migrate their acquisition’s back office operations to the Salesforce platform.

Gerent Designs A Custom Solution

This meant that only one front office solution could be in operation.

As the Gerent solutions team examined the challenge, they realized that a number of custom solutions needed to be created within the Salesforce CRM to supplement core functionality.

Gerent and its client partnered to deploy a successful Salesforce solution that satisfied CTS needs.

Custom Elements Included:

  • Custom Elements included:
  • Quoting Solution
  • Claw Back Processing
  • Credit Checks
  • Management of Credit Terms
  • Streamlined Billing Changes and Billing History

The solution went live in February of 2016 and, by June, QTS had seen net new business increase by 12% due to an enhanced ability to penetrate existing accounts with a full suite of products enabled by joint team selling efforts with Salesforce.

At the same time, the client’s contract renewal process time was cut from three months to just one month, pipeline visibility was dramatically heightened and billing changes and billing history were both streamlined due to the new, integrated Salesforce platform.

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