A Modern CRM Delivers on Sales And Marketing Efforts for PrimeSource

There is a maxim in business that, as a company grows in size, the need for strong internal communication grows as well.

For PrimeSource this is not merely true but critical to how well the firm is able to service and supply its customers.

Breaking Down Siloes To Customer Service

PrimeSource is spread across the United States with 34 distribution centers and 1200 employees throughout North America and the Caribbean, including 175 sales reps and boasts that it has the largest and most comprehensive distribution network in the industry.

PrimeSource has made an enormous commitment to providing the best customer service available and works to be the first and last stop for customers looking for building and fastening supplies.

So, having clear communication internally and externally is vital to this firm’s success.

A Cumbersome CRM Creates Big Obstacles

PrimeSource recognized that its existing CRM system was cumbersome and awkward to use with extremely low adoption among employees and lacking the basic ability to generate reports.

Territory managers and Inside Sales Reps didn’t have the capability to communicate with each other, so they operated in information siloes. This created a disconnect within the PrimeSource that was detrimental to a critical communication channel and working relationship.

When field sales reps documented sales and customer contacts, they did so on Excel spreadsheets contained on their individual computers, further exasperating the siloed nature of data flow.

Marketing campaigns were conducted using Constant Contact which has no means to track or measure email efforts or to share results from one campaign to another.

Eliminating The Hurdles With A Salesforce CRM

PrimeSource partnered with Gerent LLC on a solution that would eliminate all these substantial hurdles.

The Gerent Solution

  • Sales Cloud with Guided Selling
  • Salesforce Mobile App
  • Salesforce for Outlook
  • Pardot Marketing Cloud
  • Deal Support Request

Gerent implemented Sales Cloud, enhanced with Guided Selling that would help sales reps to select the right products or services for a customer when preparing quotes.

Vital for reps in the field was Salesforce Mobile, a mobile component which Gerent added to the solution. Now, reps have Salesforce data at their fingertips, no matter where they are and are able to update and upload on the fly while maintaining a 360 degree view of any customer.

The next element that Gerent knew would drive results was Salesforce for Outlook which syncs contacts,  emails and tasks with Salesforce.

When a sales rep selected an email in Outlook, the rep could instantly see related Salesforce records like leads, contacts, tasks and opportunities, resulting in greater productivity and efficiency.

Gerent got rid of Constant Contact in favor of the powerful technology in Pardot Marketing Cloud.

Pardot enables tracking and measuring of marketing campaigns. It also allowed the company’s Territory Managers to view marketing touch points with customers and leverage communication templates and materials, creating unprecedented synergies between Sales and Marketing.

The last piece of the puzzle was Deal Support Request which created better communication between

Territory Managers and Inside Sales Representatives and allowed them to close deals faster.

Driving Results From A 360 Degree Customer View

At the end of the day, the building supplies company had broken down siloes, dramatically increased internal and external communication, and implemented a marketing platform that would actually work and drive results.

Above all, the Gerent-designed and implemented solution gives their client the ability to have a 360-degree view of their customers with real time status and key information updates, enabling better tracking of sales, and clear pipeline visibility.

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