Emblem Health Transforms Broker Platform in the Salesforce Vlocity Cloud

Recently, Gerent (formerly Certa Dux) was contacted by multi-billion-dollar insurance non-profit, Emblem Health. They were looking to solve several problems. To start, their data was scattered across several platforms, each of which required a unique user authorization process. This meant that if a broker wanted to access a client’s data in one state, and look at their eligibility for insurance in another, the process was cumbersome and time consuming. It was not uncommon for customer data and various product plan information to be hard for brokers to locate, resulting in major time delays in brokers’ ability to quote.

Additionally, Gerent needed to craft a broker portal for Emblem's new acquisition, a smaller insurance organization. Their broker portal needed to have different user access and permission, while maintaining consistent and flexible data integration especially for product information.

Architecting an all-in-one health insurance platform

To solve the problem, Gerent architected a Vlocity broker portal solution. The platform created was particularly complex, with multiple user interfaces and custom frameworks created. These low-code, reusable frameworks can be modified without a high level of technical expertise. This was important, as the insurer required the ability to modify their platform quickly and easily – something that only a low-code deployment could provide.  

Emblem now has an end-to-end digital platform for the insurance non-profit. They are now able to launch a product, rate it, and quote against it, all using a single system and set of credentials. The new broker system lets Emblem store and maintain key information, including appointments, commissions, and fees, in a single location. This allows brokers to perform full lifecycle policy and support and servicing functions, all within a single platform. The result is an omni-channel experience, where the distribution platform can be accessed through mobile, web, and desktop applications. Customers can submit and view claims on the platform, and brokers and policy holders can access the platform to modify relevant information through self-serve mechanisms without having to call a support center.

The same functionality is extended to call center and customer service representatives, who now have access to on-demand scripts and guided workflows personalized for a given customer’s case file. Not only does this provide a better customer experience, it also decreases the amount of time spent onboarding new customer service teams.

Another benefit gained by Emblem is the ability to recruit and retain the best brokers in the market with greater operational efficiencies and user-friendly broker tools to manage their book of business. The new system supports seamless recruiting, credentialing, contracting, and self-service that can all be performed within a single platform

Finally, the Emblem can now view reports on brokerage and carrier policies, performance, renewals, and book of business.

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