Bringing Business Operations Up To Technical Spec for Nova Tech

There are certain industries that operate in the space where science, technology and regulation all meet.

The oil and gas industry, pulp and paper industry and petrochemicals industry are a few examples where highly specialized manufacturing and processing operations are required to meet strict government regulations to limit, prevent or prohibit damage to the environment.

These industries rely on highly complex and sensitive analyzing equipment to ensure that environmental threats don’t occur or, if they do, are quickly neutralized.

An Expert in Scientific Manufacturing…

Nova Tech is a leader in the design and manufacture of this kind of equipment.

The company’s management consists of individuals with a range of engineering backgrounds from chemical to electrical to biomechanical as well as process analytics specialists.

In other words, the workforce and leadership is rich in people who are experts in applied science of one kind or another.

It’s not surprising that a large part of the Nova Tech's business lies with its support teams in the field, installing and servicing their highly specialized equipment.

…But a Laggard in Service

It was imperative that the company be able to respond quickly to service issues but it was having problems doing so.

Gerent was asked to assist in implementing a solution to streamline service contacts – from its help desk to its field service agents.

Gerent discovered that the company had a software-based CRM system that had been installed back in the 1990s.

Old Technology was a Clunker

It was like driving a 20 year old car; old, obsolete and expensive to keep running. Compared to CRM systems today, like those designed by Gerent and offered by Salesforce, Nova Tech's outdated customer management program was little more than an old clunker.

Field service technicians needed a means to open and review cases in the field. But they couldn’t;  they were forced to call their service support desk and ask them to open a customer’s case.

Without a mobile app on their phones, the service engineers spent more time than necessary on calls, making them less efficient and responsive to their customers’ needs.

If a customer wanted to assess and fix an issue themselves, another call to Customer Support was necessary before the customer could access their file.

A Solution for Today

Gerent was contracted to implement a Salesforce Service Cloud solution for customer support and service that would propel the company into the 21st century.

Along with Service Cloud, Gerent factored in Community Cloud to the solution so that the company’s customers could access and open their own case files to manage any issues within their capabilities.

Gerent ensured that the solution was integrated smoothly with Nova Tech's email system and they're back office legacy systems.

Service Transformed

The company now has a hybrid CRM platform that has transformed work for field service engineers and Customer Support at head office while giving customers the means to view their own case files easily.

Service reps now have access to customer cases via their phones from wherever they are, making them far more responsive to their customers’ needs and helping them to solve a problem more efficiently.

Management can see the entire service workload at a glance and more efficiently balance support requirements among its service support members.

By bringing the company’s CRM into the 21st century, Gerent was able to help its client retain its pre-eminent position in a highly technical and specialized field.

There is no substitute for service. Having the right tools to do the job with speed and efficiency is a sure-fire way to customer retention and referrals.

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