Norwegian Cruise Line Calming Choppy Waters

The travel and leisure industry is an enormous global business and cruising has grown to be a major component.

In 2017, the cruise industry churned out revenue of nearly 40 billion dollars US and the figure keeps rising.

Stiff Competition Demands Hyper-Focused Marketing

Competition for a share of the travelling consumer’s wallet is intense and every cruise line employs extensive marketing to attract some of that wealth. Often, cruise companies co-opt travel agencies while engaging in their own direct sales efforts.

It was a business goal of elevating its marketing efforts that drove Gerent customer and cruise line operator to seek solutions.

Norwegian Cruise Line is the number three cruise line, globally, but recognized that it lacked the powerful technologies needed to hone its marketing efforts, eliminate wasted resources and generate a greater ROI from its marketing expenditures.

Fragmented Data Led to Missed Opportunities

When Gerent conducted its discovery process, the problem became clearly evident:

  • Norwegian Cruise Line was using an outdated CRM system that did not enjoy widespread adoption among its business units.
  • There was no way the Cruise Line could track sales or marketing efforts through travel agencies due to the lack of a single tracking platform. In fact, they were dealing with 12 different data bases for agency sales.
  • Even though Norwegian Cruise Line engaged in direct sales, again there was no unified structure in place to follow up on leads or track daily sales activity which was flowing from 14 different data bases.
  • Customer service and support reps didn’t have a functional platform for tracking service cases or sharing knowledge on common issues.
  • Third-party, onboard casino operators had no means of rewarding cruise line customers with VIP offerings.

These were significant impediments to Norwegian Cruise Lines overall marketing operation and they were eager to address them as quickly as possible.

A Plan To Solve the Pain

Gerent presented a solution using Salesforce products that Norwegian Cruise Line knew would do the job, having had tremendous success with Gerent’s Salesforce implementations in the past.

Gerent’s team of solutions architects and software engineers created a plan that utilized Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Portal and Pardot. This combination of Salesforce platforms and products brought 26 disparate databases together into a single data repository of over 20 million customer and prospect records and 50 thousand affiliated travel agencies.

Norwegian Cruise Line finally had a complete picture of its clients and, through the Account Planning Tool, could set revenue growth targets at the agency level while Product Market Fit (PMF) software gave them the capability to track marketing ROIs and activities to help achieve growth targets.

Norwegian Cruise Line casino operating partners now make use of a Portal solution which allows them to target key clients with VIP certificates for their use.

Solutions That Work and Generate Returns

The Gerent solution has provided Norwegian Cruise Line with an arsenal of technologies that are scalable, efficient and are helping the company to generate greater returns and provide customers with an even higher level of service on a 24/7 basis.

In fact, since becoming a Gerent customer and implementing Salesforce product solutions, Norwegian Cruise Line has more than doubled revenue and net profit in an intensely competitive space.

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