Driving Customer Results For Greene, Tweed

Sometimes, a company can excel in a number of different areas, deploying scientific know-how and creating leading edge industrial products with technologies like 3D imaging and yet still be stuck in the 20th century with its customer facing capabilities.

Such was the case with Greene, Tweed,  a firm founded in 1863, that is a pioneer in the aerospace, energy, semiconductor and life sciences industries.

The company develops and manufactures highly complex elastomers and thermoplastics capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and corrosive environments.

This is a company whose scientific abilities and products are in high demand around the world.

No Customer Vision

However, the innovative technology that drove the firm’s success resided solely on the production and process side of Greene, Tweed; its customer-facing technology was balky, slow and out of date, leaving it with a woefully incomplete picture of its customers and a resultant inability to serve them as fully as possible.

Greene, Tweed approached Gerent for options on how to strengthen its front office operations.

Multiple CRMs But No Data Integration

When Gerent conducted its audit of Greene, Tweed's existing platforms, the team discovered that 3 different CRMs had been implemented over time, including SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C), along with several “homegrown” CRM systems – none of which had achieved anymore than low user adoption.

The company’s sales organization used upwards of 10 different systems for tracking customer data. The result was a lack of vision due to high levels of redundancy and inefficiency around reporting and gathering business insights, both of which the firm relied on to serve the four extremely technical industries in which it operated.

With customer data scattered across various platforms, departments and channels, it was like a blind pitcher trying to throw a strike.

Too Much Time Wasted

The lack of customer clarity meant there were no standardized sales processes, resulting in significant productivity losses as sales teams spent too much time on administrative tasks and chasing down data.

Gerent and Greene, Tweed partnered to successfully roll out Sales Cloud from Salesforce that included the following:

  • Sales Process Optimization
  • Integration of the Salesforce application with business intelligence tool, Qlik
  • Integration with SAP
  • Consolidation of multiple systems into one

Sales Cloud Is A Hit

The impact of this solution was immediate. Once the new platform was properly positioned for day to day use, employee adoption was rapid.

Greene, Tweed now possessed a fine-tuned, standardized and consistent sales process while manual administrative tasks and other unnecessary work was automated within Sales Cloud. Sales teams finally had the time and energy to focus on selling.

Targeted Sales and Enhanced Efficiency

The Sales Cloud implementation also meant the company’s salespeople were working off a single system, rather than the previous scatter-gun assortment of systems.

This one achievement drove enhanced efficiencies and productivity gains and provided a complete 360 degree view of the customer, while leveraging Sales Cloud’s AI component to drive greater insights.

Through centralized reporting, a number of positive results ensued: data and information that was meaningful, detailed visibility into the business around opportunities, order information, invoices, quotes and so on.

Transforming To Meet Customer Demands

Gerent had helped an innovative and highly specialized industrial technology provider to utilize the power of another technology – a sophisticated, AI-driven software platform that transformed Greene, Tweed into a responsive firm capable of predicting and meeting the changing needs and demands of its customers in real time.

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