EP Henry Optimizes and Centralizes Consumer Outreach With Marketing Cloud

Before EP Henry began collaborating with Gerent’s manufacturing practice advisors, it took an old-school approach to outreach. The company, a leading manufacturer and distributor of outdoor construction materials, didn’t have a centralized platform for its contractors or the means to deploy digital outreach campaigns at scale. In fact, before 2020, it didn’t even gather email addresses from its consumer interest forms.

But in the digital age, being able to collect and deploy data is paramount — which is why EP Henry’s leadership team approached Gerent’s manufacturing practice for guidance. Within a few months, Gerent helped EP Henry implement not one but three premier Salesforce solutions: Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Community Cloud.

Optimal operations are only an implementation away

With Gerent’s help, EP Henry gained access to a suite of invaluable Marketing Cloud tools, including Email Studio, Automation Studio, Journey Builder, Marketing Cloud Connect, and MobileConnect.

Having this infrastructure in place empowered the company to manage its leads across multiple channels more effectively. It also allowed EP Henry to develop an end-to-end process that tracked contractor progress and supported consumers through every step of their journey — from initial capture to contractor bid to project handoff. This change benefitted EP Henry’s partner contractors, too; today, the firm’s partnered professionals can check on project bids and gain a comprehensive view of their projects in a few short clicks.

Of course, having the technology is only half the battle. To ensure the success of EP Henry’s digital transformation, Gerent also put together an end-to-end demo of the Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, and Marketing Cloud so the manufacturer’s team would understand and optimally deploy the tools they had at hand.

Develop a deeper understanding of your customers with Gerent Digital

Gerent’s practice leads knew that EP Henry would need a deeper understanding of its client base to achieve its mission to bring friends and families together via unique outdoor living spaces. With that need in mind, the leads connected the company’s leaders with the Gerent Digital team, who helped the firm acquire the digital persona maps they would need to optimize EP Henry’s processes and develop top-of-class experiences.

When EP Henry’s leaders approached Gerent, they did so in the hopes of expanding the company’s digital outreach and marketing capacity. That goal has since been accomplished; today, and as a result, EP Henry is well-positioned to achieve success in the digital age.

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