Gerent Injects CRM Solution Into Arc International

When a small business does well enough that it must expand to grow, the company often faces a scenario common to most SMEs. In order to grow, expenditures must increase, whether for staffing, marketing or product research,  before the business sees sales and revenue growth.

But large enterprises, especially those with a global reach, face another kind of problem; it is difficult to increase profitability in addition to sales and revenue growth unless all revenue and sales generating streams are maximized.

Such was the case with Arc International, based in France. The manufacturing firm has plants in various countries including China, the United Arab Emirates, Russia and the United States as well as Europe.

Annual sales were close to 1 billion euros or nearly 1.2 billion USD in FY 2017.

Global Success but Global Problems, Too

Despite an obviously high level of market penetration and sales success, Arc was operating at an enormous disadvantage and sought out Gerent to help find a solution using Salesforce products.

Gerent’s account and project teams uncovered a situation that is all-too-familiar at the enterprise level; yes, Arc had facilities producing products that sold well but they had a highly limited capability to market proactively to existing customers or even capitalize on efforts at lead generation - which was almost non-existent.

There were no means by which to gather data on lead-to-sale journeys or track appropriate markets without clearly defined relationship management systems in place.

Silos Restrict Access to New Markets

As a result, Arc was almost 90% based on repeat business, meaning it was virtually impossible to seek out new business and markets.

They were severely hampered through a siloed scenario involving its various manufacturing, sales and inventory systems to the extent that the firm’s headquarters was often unable to define its global business easily.

Gerent’s project team explained to Arc International how they had no ability to draw a clear picture of their customers and proposed a solution that would initially target three geographic regions within the company’s sphere of influence - North America, France and Spain – and create a single system and process to achieve genuine globalization.

The Gerent Solution

Sales Cloud for:

  • Lead Management
  • Account Management
  • Product and Price Book
  • Opportunity Management
  • Forecasting

Service Cloud for:

  • Case Management

Other services in the Gerent proposal included:

  • Full Data Migration and Integration with existing SAP systems
  • Data Migration and Integration with Inventory Control systems
  • Knowledge Base
  • Pardot Marketing Cloud
  • Creation of Partner Communities

A Company Re-Vitalized

Once the solution was implemented, Arc International achieved capabilities it had never had before.

The manufacturer now had a consolidated sales process that allowed it to forecast inventory around the globe.

North American, French and Spanish operations were now globalized and centralized, eliminating silos in sales, service and marketing efforts.

This gave Arc a full, 360 degree view of all customer touchpoints and proactive customer service opportunities.

The company now had predictive marketing capabilities which resulted in better qualified leads and more meaningful and targeted marketing efforts at less cost than before.

Through the Pardot component, the client could gather intelligent data that encouraged efforts to nurture prospects and leads.

Both sales and service were tied into the data streams, giving them real time analysis and the ability to respond quickly to opportunities and situations.

For the first time, Arc International was able to create partner communities with independent glass and tableware consultants, giving the company visibility into their sales efforts through pipeline management.

In short, Gerent took a global giant whose head, in many ways, was cut off from its body and gave it a new set of eyes with which to view customers, sales partners and all facets of internal operations by means of smart applications of Salesforce technology.

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