Anthem Increases Market Share by 9% With Vlocity- and Salesforce-Powered Broker Solution

There are few things worse for insurance brokers than working across multiple portals and applications to get the information they need to do their job. These types of siloed systems slow down sales cycles, create errors, and increase stress for both brokers and insurance carriers.

In 2018, this was the position that Anthem Inc. found themselves in. While they had already digitized their broker portal, the system relied on multiple applications with disparate data storage, creating silos and preventing brokers from gathering the information they need to perform in an efficient manner.

Business reporting, quoting, and application approval processes all took place across different applications. Compounding the problem was the fact that every state had their own version of each application. This created a complex, tedious process to navigate.

For brokers, the disconnected infrastructure was having an impact on sales. Without a connected, streamlined system, their quoting process took too long and gave the competition a chance to come in and take their clients. As a result, brokers were choosing to use different insurance providers, and the insurer was losing business.

Gerent breaks down silos, integrating data across 14 states for a unified broker portal

Since 2004, Anthem has strived to provide their clients with the best policies possible, in the shortest amount of time. To maintain their mandate, they decided to make a change.

The insurance plan provider set out to increase efficiency and reduce small group application processing time from several days to minutes. They needed a unified experience in which brokers could perform quoting, underwriting, and enrollment through a single platform. They also wanted to eliminate errors incurred in the paper process due to missing or incorrect information on the application.

Enter Gerent (formerly Certa Dux). Beginning with a Vlocity-powered solution for small group brokers, Gerent helped implement a quoting profile where employer and employee data can be input and viewed from a single portal, across every state. Quoting is performed in a single dashboard and can be presented to both brokers and clients. The display includes insurance quoting, demo information, and a complete checklist of the criteria each state requires for a client to be eligible for insurance.

The next phase of the Vlocity deployment involved automating the entire selling and enrollment process. Their Broker Portal now uses real-time rule verification and guided decision flows, with integrated DocuSign signatures and real-time insight into application processing status.

Anthem achieves 85% broker adoption rate, paves the way for multinational deployment

With the new portal, brokers can access everything they need from corporate databases and prospective customers from a comprehensive dashboard. The integrated solution organizes and compiles data from many sources onto a single screen, ensuring brokers don’t require multiple applications to get their job done. From here, brokers can track metrics such as commissions, renewals, premiums, and submissions.

The final small group enrollment implementation for quoting, enrollment, and sales exceeded all expectations. The solution – which was rolled out across 14 states – had a projected broker adoption rate of 70%. Once Gerent had finished, the lowest adoption rate was 85%, with two states coming in at a 100% adoption rate. Even more impressively, Anthem's market share in these 14 states rose from 46% to 55%, an increase of 9%.

Anthem is now looking to use the momentum of their small group enrollment project to launch a similar solution for their international clients. This will involve rolling the solution out to over 40,000 Brokers via the Salesforce community, as well as 70,000 employers via Direct Quote.

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