Humana Inc. reduces quote time from weeks to minutes, consolidating over 50,000 products onto a single broker portal

In 2018, Gerent was approached by one of America’s most prominent health insurers, Humana Inc. Humana has held the highest standard in healthcare insurance for nearly 70 years. Their high expectations ensure that they deliver the best possible insurance solutions to the communities they serve.

But the health insurer had a problem: their current broker platform was causing them to fall short of the standards they had set for themselves. The platform was inflexible, making it challenging to meet the changing demands of customers. Even worse, it took brokers weeks to get quotes to clients, which resulted in lost business.

The issue stemmed from their outdated legacy system. Humana was using different programs for product design, customer rating, and quoting, none of which communicated effectively. The problem was so bad that they had to rebuild portfolios from scratch if they wanted to make any product changes. Compounding the issue was the fact that IT were required to help make these changes, further delaying the time it took to get a client a quote.

Gerent’s Vlocity solution enables warp-speed insurance quoting

To combat the problem, Humana enlisted Salesforce and Vlocity partner Gerent (formerly Certa Dux). Gerent began by architecting a sales and onboarding solution. This involved creating an end-to-end commercial sales system that removed outdated programs while consolidating the rest onto a single platform.

Now, brokers can manage product catalogs, ratings, sales automation, underwriting, and renewals from one interface. It supports a flexible product model in which market needs can be met and delivered in an expedited manner. The new digital portal enables brokers and groups to shop and quote using rule-based workflows, with a post-sales component that can be leveraged to manage complex group installations and deliver projects on time.

The result is a sales experience that is significantly improved for brokers, who can now deliver quotes faster, engage more frequently with customers, and provide them with a wider array of recommendations.

The Salesforce Vlocity cloud-powered system also introduced new sales design capabilities, including a shopping cart experience, a “favorites” list for customers to save various plans, and the ability for potential clients to configure their dental and vision plans and see real-time quote adjustments.

The new broker experience now follows six simple, elegant steps:

  1. Small group customers request quotes on the public website. Information from these leads is collected and recorded in Vlocity
  2. An internal sales agent creates a new group census, if necessary
  3. The sales agent begins the quote and confirms company information, modifying the census as required
  4. The sales agent selects plan type, whether it is medical, dental, vision, or spending account
  5. Shopping cart experiences are selected for the customer based on plan and company type
  6. Finally, quotes are generated and sent via email, with the entire sales cycle tracked from within Salesforce

Humana delivers quotes within minutes, elevating standards to an all-time high

Before Salesforce, Humana's 50k+ products were set up in over a dozen systems, none of which worked in tandem. Not only did this create a poor broker experience, but it was becoming increasingly difficult for them to launch new products, which are required to integrate with old ones. It was not uncommon for the team to not know where their product data and attributes existed.

Now, the broker and customer experience is completely seamless, with all products being visible and configurable within a single system. Best of all, brokers can now deliver quotes within minutes, not weeks.

Humana's entire 50k product line was brought into Vlocity Benefits Catalog and Benefits Rating platforms. The health insurer was then able to consolidate their product lines into price medical (1900+), dental (40+), vision (20+), and spending accounts (4), and access them all through one platform.

After the small group sales implementation, the next task is enrollment and setup. This involves creating a system in which customers can accept the quote, view the contract, and sign via e-signature. From here, a case will be automatically created with a member portal that customers can start enrolling individuals into.

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