Tufts Health Plan takes call center to the Vlocity cloud for improved customer experience

When it comes to health care, everyone’s needs are different. Nobody understands this better than Tufts Health Plan, a Massachusetts non-profit health insurer with over one million members. Nationally recognized for their commitment to providing innovative, high-quality health care coverage, Tufts decided to set out and make the process of choosing a health plan less time-consuming and laborious, and more user friendly. They had a vision: to transform their existing call handling processes into a more efficient one by creating a systematic and streamlined platform to collect required information, a dynamic mechanism to suggest plans based on that information, and an automated process to convert a lead into an opportunity.

Transforming inbound and outbound calls with Vlocity OmniScript

To create such a solution, Tufts enlisted the help of Salesforce partner, Gerent (formerly Certa Dux).

For the initial phase of the project, Gerent implemented Vlocity’s OmniScript solution. The goal of the OmniScript solution was to help the organization guide users through the entire sales cycle in an accelerated manner using personalized responses and seamless integration with existing applications and data. With OmniScript, they would be able to design engaging customer interactions that could be easily modified to keep up with market changes.

Gerent began by using OmniScript’s guided workflows to handle inbound and outbound calls. The inbound workflows were integrated with existing Avaya-generated call logs, with values automatically pre-populated into OmniScript.

The workflow gathers the caller’s general information, as well as answers to qualification and needs analysis questions. From here, dynamic plan selection and scenario-based lead conversion scripts are created, which enable call center teams to provide quotes and close sales while keeping the customer on the phone.

The outbound call workflow is built as a branching decision tree based on the various scenarios a call center employee is likely to encounter. These scenarios include rejecting a lead, next best actions for “voicemail calls,” and script handling features and direct enrollment actions for interested leads.

Given the fluid nature of the health insurance industry, Tufts needed a call workflow that they could modify easily. To that end, Gerent went the extra mile to provide design documentation for every aspect of the OmniScript workflow. This allows them to add features and extend the capabilities of their call center script workflow without the need for a specialist or programmer.

The advantage of a 360-degree customer view

As a result of Gerent’s Vlocity cloud and OmniScript solution, the user experience has been completely transformed.

Tufts has been able to reduce the number of steps call center employees must take when dealing with potential customers. Further, data management has improved considerably, and the entire experience is much more intuitive and consists of a single, flow guided process. Now, sales teams and anyone interacting with customers have easy access to all relevant data in one place without the need to search. This includes information on customer interactions. Every interaction and conversation with a customer is tracked so that when the customer calls back, sales reps can pick up right where they left off. And thanks to Gerent’s on-site training and knowledge transfer, the migration from the legacy call center to Vlocity resulted in zero downtime or disruption.

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