Streamlined Help Desk Meets Almac Demands

Pharmaceutical companies are in the business of bringing new drugs to market that bear their company names; Glaxo Smith-Kline, Bayer, Roche and Merck are a few names that are familiar to people around the world.

While these pharma giants do a lot of proprietary R&D in house, they will often contract out product development, clinical trials and manufacturing to third party companies.

These third party firms work closely with the drug companies, conducting research, organizing, overseeing and documenting numerous drug trials and liaising closely with their clients.

Fast and Efficient Service Is Critical

In order to make the entire process function smoothly, service desks must be responsive to drug company queries at all times.

It was the need to elevate service requests to a much higher level that led one such third party firm to Gerent.

Almac realized that its existing customer service platform was old, slow, not scalable and didn’t allow for real time case management.

Since the firm is a global provider of diagnostics, clinical services and technologies, pharmaceutical and chemical development to the biggest pharmas in the biopharmaceutical space, it was imperative that customer service was as exceptional as the other areas of the company.

What Gerent’s Analysis Discovered

Gerent conducted a thorough analysis of Almac's existing setup, how customer interaction occurred and how quickly and easily service tickets were dealt with.

Gerent’s analysis showed that case and customer information wasn’t easily accessible; it was spread across multiple systems forcing customer service reps to go between multiple systems and different screens just to gain information needed to handle support calls.

Because of the awkwardness of the setup, it was not surprising that it took the company months to onboard new customer service reps.

Almac did use Salesforce Sales Cloud but there was no complementary Service Cloud component in place so the sales teams had no access to customer support issues.

The entire service platform was only capable of slow responses to service ticket issues.

Putting Service on Steroids with Salesforce

Gerent proposed a solution that included the implementation of Salesforce Service and Community Clouds to deliver smarter, streamlined support on a 24/7 basis, eliminating auto-reply emails and replacing them with real-time acknowledgment and issue resolution.

Community Cloud would give the Almac’s diverse global service and sales teams the ability to communicate on a single platform instantly and to share case work.

The solution also allowed the company to create a Live Agent element which enabled service desk staff to chat with customers immediately, whenever a customer needed help.

Full Integration and Multiple Benefits

Gerent made sure that the new Salesforce solution was fully integrated with the company’s proprietary back office systems, offering another level of needed integration.

Almac was thrilled with the results which included:

  • Greatly improved agent productivity and faster issue resolution.
  • Faster onboarding of customer service reps which saves money and improves the customer experience.
  • A powerful advantage over competitors by enabling real-time chat and real-time case management and resolution.
  • Previous customer service request visibility which mitigates the issue of repeated problems and enhances reliability.
  • Improved customer satisfaction from faster resolution of cases, more knowledgeable customer service reps and greater customer visibility.
  • A unified 360 degree view of the customer through having Sales and Service on the same platform.

As the company moves forward, serving the pharma industry, it does so from a new position of customer strength through refined data acquisition and rapid service solutions provided by Gerent.

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