Loparex leverages the “out of the box” advantages of implementing Sales Cloud

Loparex might not be a household name, but its products are universally stockpiled in kitchen drawers and bathroom shelves. The manufacturer is a leading global manufacturer of release liners, a technology that (quite literally) underpins products like Band-Aids and stickers. The company is an industry leader — but before September 2020, its digital infrastructure was inefficient, fragmented, and irreflective of its market prominence. 

Global organizations need cohesive, connective CRM platforms

Loparex relied on a homegrown Oracle-based customer CRM system that was ill-equipped to support the breadth of its global operations. This patchwork framework often caused efficiency-sapping data silos, thereby undermining the company’s operational efficiency and holding Loparex back from achieving its potential. The manufacturer’s leaders knew they could accomplish more with a more advanced CRM; this realization compelled them to approach Gerent, a preferred partner for Salesforce implementations. 

After consulting with Loparex, Gerent recommended that the company integrate the basic suite of Sales Cloud products into their operations and leverage the “out of the box” advantages of an integrated system. In doing so, the company would have the opportunity to:

  • Create a central repository for customer requests and task tracking
  • Eliminate data silos within sales and marketing
  • Improve the accuracy of sales forecasting and pipeline management
  • Provide leadership with timely sales and service reports and dashboards that would facilitate better and faster business decisions
  • Enable case management and request form submissions to bolster the customer experience
  • Promote cohesion between Loparex’s U.S. and German locations and thereby facilitate more cross-pollination

To achieve these gains, Gerent recommended an accelerated QuickStart approach. The initial deployment process would take just three weeks, allowing Gerent to establish proof of concept quickly and affordably. At the end of the QuickStart, Loparex would enjoy basic Sales Cloud functionality and have the opportunity to add more Salesforce products (e.g., Manufacturing Cloud, Service Cloud, etc.) if they so desired. 

A QuickStart approach to affordable, proof-of-concept Salesforce implementation

The implementation process went as smoothly and swiftly as planned. First, Gerent spent roughly a week ensuring that all parties were aligned on the project’s strategy, goals, and milestones. Then, our implementation team launched into designing and constructing the basic features of Loparex’s Sales Cloud. These included but were not limited to forum and regulatory support requests, forum tasks, event notes, and Sales Cloud user chatter. 

After constructing the fundamental infrastructure, Gerent established a basic workflow and migrated Loparex’s Accounts and Contacts data to the new system. The team also facilitated two demos for Loparex’s leaders to elicit feedback and ensure that the Sales Cloud framework was oriented correctly for the company’s operations. Throughout this entire process, Gerent engaged in daily communication with Loparex’s team. 

“The entire process was extremely collaborative,” Sean Best, the project manager who spearheaded Loparex’s transformation, recounted of the QuickStart. “It was very much, ‘This is what we need and want. Let’s work together and get it done.’” 

Indeed, the project was neatly wrapped by the end of September. However, that initial work would not be the last collaboration between Loparex and Gerent. 

A new, Salesforce-supported toolset for international project management

In October, Loparex’s leaders reconnected with Gerent contacts to plan a new initiative — implementing a global stage-gate process that would allow the company to utilize Salesforce as a technical platform to support product development. The new process would facilitate better project management and ensure that the only projects that progress through the workflow meet defined requirements. This would ensure that teams don’t waste any time on non-priority tasks. 

Today, Loparex manages 100% of its projects through Salesforce. With Gerent’s guidance, the company was able to capture and harmonize complex processes between Loparex’s German and U.S. sales organizations. Now, Loparex’s organization is better aligned and more efficient than ever before — and as a result, it is well-prepared to maintain its place as a global industry leader.

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