New York Life Insurance Company Exceeds all KPIs with Salesforce Digital Transformation

Gerent was approached in 2019 by Fortune 100 life insurance company, New York Life. The reason? Their legacy platform was beginning to cause significant issues. Brokers and agents were unable to get a complete view of clients, resulting in poor sales calls and information getting lost. Additionally, onboarding agents onto the broker platform was challenging and time-consuming, which created a barrier to bringing new talent into the insurance firm. What’s worse, retaining that talent had become difficult due to the platform’s poor usability. This was due to their cumbersome process. Brokers and customers typically had to fill out 18 pages of paperwork, all of which had to be input into the legacy system and reviewed manually.

Furthermore, the insurer was looking to empower roughly 12,000 agents to sell insurance using mobile and tablet, as well as desktop. This initiative's primary driver was to ensure agents could interact with clients on the go through mobile and then head back to the office and work on the same case through their laptop.

Gerent creates a 360° customer view for life insurer

Gerent began by performing a data migration and infrastructure that would allow New York Life to integrate their new Salesforce platform with the legacy infrastructure. Tools such as Sales Cloud and OmniScript had to work seamlessly with old data for the new system to work correctly.

Gerent then transformed New York Life's printable form into a digital one. Now, they no longer have to look at the same data twice, and information is always available to anyone within the organization who needs it. The process can be started and resumed wherever an agent left off, ensuring that the agent’s time is far more effective than previously.

With a central Salesforce database, multiple agents can now partner in a deal. Previously, this was impossible, as once a policy was sold, agents could no longer view the same record of any alterations the client had made, making it impossible for them to partner on a single deal.

Additionally, agents had no way of even identifying customers. Therefore, they had to go through a lengthy process of ensuring the person calling about a particular issue was the legal policyholder. Now, agents can verify a caller’s right to the policy immediately, at which time OmniScript provides several responses tailored to the individual customer.  

Prior to the Salesforce Service Cloud implementation, service reps had to go through multiple green screen systems to acquire client information. They can now get a three-sixty-degree view of a customer from a single screen and provide premium scores much quicker. As a result, New York Life has exceeded its KPIs across almost every available metric.

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