Marketing Cloud Empowers FreightWaves to Break Down Information Silos

Nothing limits operational potential like silos. It’s a reality that FreightWaves, an organization that provides benchmarking, analytics, monitoring, and forecasting services to businesses in the global logistics industry, was acutely aware of when they contacted Gerent in November 2020. 

For years, FreightWaves had managed its marketing efforts through a constellation of disparate platforms. This decentralization forced the company’s marketing team to continually bounce between applications and information sources. The approach simply wasn’t efficient — which is why the company asked Gerent to help centralize its ESP operations onto Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud. 

Marketing Cloud was an intuitive choice for FreightWaves. The company had previously enjoyed a positive experience with the Sales Cloud and knew the Marketing Cloud could provide similarly valuable gains. However, implementing the shift wasn’t a challenge the company could reasonably take on without professional guidance — which is why FreightWaves turned to Gerent. 

Once briefed on FreightWaves’ needs, Gerent’s solution architects implemented several Marketing Cloud tools, including Automation Studio, Email Studio, Web Studio, and Marketing Cloud Connect. Combined, these would provide the company with much-needed marketing functionality, reduce overhead costs, and substantially improve operational efficiency. 

Implementation according to your timeline

The gains FreightWaves sought weren’t all that unusual. The company’s timeline, on the other hand, presented an unusual challenge. 

When FreightWaves approached Gerent, the company’s leaders explained that they needed a quick switch onto Marketing Cloud because the contract for their ESP, Piano, would soon expire. However, the company’s contract with its former marketing software, Hubspot, still had a year left on its term. Therefore, Gerent would need to ensure that FreightWaves’ shift onto the Marketing Cloud wouldn’t disrupt its continued use of the other marketing software. 

Gerent met the challenge by launching a quick-start scenario. In just four weeks, the Gerent team implemented Marketing Cloud and migrated all 17 of the company’s newsletters onto the cloud. This was a complicated process, as it involved syncing the Marketing Cloud with FreightWaves’ existing Hubspot services to ensure subscriptions would remain up-to-date across all platforms as the transition progressed. 

During this quick-start process, Gerent also considered ways to optimize the resources FreightWaves already had at hand. For example, before the company’s partnership with Gerent, FreightWaves’ marketing department had over 1,200 web forms that deposited data all across the company’s digital platforms. Gerent’s team centralized these assets by creating a processing page to guide all collected consumer information to a central, readily accessible location. 

Preparing for the future with Gerent

Once Gerent finalized the immediate transition from Piano to the Marketing Cloud, the team turned its attention to planning for FreightWaves’ upcoming migration off Hubspot. Gerent set the FreightWaves marketing team up for success by connecting Social Studio and Ad Studio early. The year-long head start would allow the company’s team members to explore the systems and preempt any learning curve before the transition to Marketing Cloud officially occurred. 

With Gerent’s assistance, FreightWaves attained operational cohesion and a degree of centralization that would empower its marketing team to significantly bolster its efficiency. Can your organization say the same? Contact Gerent today to see how we can help your business thrive!

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