Sales Cloud Implementation Drives Marketing Success for Telehealth Services

Technology has widespread applications throughout hospitals around the world.

The need for sophisticated medical equipment and intelligent data gathering platforms is being met through ever-improving technologies in the medical space.

Patient Wellbeing Through Bedside Technology

One area where hospital technology has been recently applied is at the patient bedside.

A hospital’s main concern is patient wellbeing during hospital stays since there is a tremendous impact on how well the patient does after being discharged and returning home.

Here, technology is making enormous strides in reducing readmittances through the use of patient education media made available right at the bedside on mobile devices like tablets or through TVs in hospital rooms.

Patients are able to watch programming that relates specifically to their illness or injury and return home better equipped to handle their post-discharge recovery.

Achieving A Competitive Edge

There are a growing number of technology firms working in this highly competitive field.

Supplying hospitals with solutions that are designed to meet their needs, demands that technology providers maintain a strong sales advantage over their competitors.

Because every hospital has its own unique needs, every solution must be designed differently.

It becomes necessary for any tech firm selling patient-oriented solutions to hospital customers to centralize data in order to analyze and structure sales and marketing efforts as efficiently as possible.

Hit and Miss Data Gathering

Telehealth Services approached Gerent looking for a way to capitalize on its database.

The first challenge for Gerent was to provide mobile capabilities. Telehealth Services had no effective mobile tools for the field sales force to use.

As a result, they had no insights into how to manage opportunities, something that ultimately impacted the company’s ability to accurately forecast sales.

Sales personnel in the field kept all data and information on their activities on their computers or offline spreadsheets.

Not surprisingly, this prevented any sharing and consolidating of the information for the company-wide sales teams.

The Wrong CRM

Telehealth Services did have a CRM system in place but it was cumbersome to use which led to poor adoption, nor was there anything in place to track and optimize lead conversion opportunities.

Further disrupting meaningful sales and marketing efforts was the lack of tracking or measurement capabilities for the firm’s email campaigns.

So, this was a company that operated within a classic silo structure, with vital data scattered about on spreadsheets or computers and no coherent means to access, analyze or act on it.

Using Sales Cloud and QuickStart

Gerent partnered with the client to design a solution using Sales Cloud and Gerent’s QuickStart service which would have Telehealth Services up and running in 7 business days with a Salesforce CRM solution.

The Gerent Solution

  • Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce for Mobile
  • Salesforce for Outlook
  • ERP Integration
  • Definitive Healthcare Database via Salesforce App Exchange

Gerent’s team worked on solving the lack of mobile capability for their client’s field salespeople, created effective data gathering and tracking abilities for their Outlook email platform and integrated the Salesforce solution with the client’s back-end EPICOR ERP system.

A critical component of Gerent’s solution involved using a third party app through Salesforce App Exchange called Definitive Health Care Database.

Definitive Health Care has databases on physicians, hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities throughout the United States and permits integration of its databases with Salesforce CRM, so Gerent’s client now has the technology to extract enriched data to help segment and target potential customers.

The Sales Cloud implementation provided the client with a strong foundation for improving visibility within their business.

Salesforce Mobile app was perceived to be a game changer and was rapidly adopted as it enabled the field sales force to access key account information, contacts, and opportunities right from their mobile devices.

Salesforce Outlook provided the mobile force with the ability to capture and retrieve historical information in Salesforce that made knowledge-transferring and information-sharing easier and more efficient.

Salesforce was configured to strategically bridge a significant gap between the Client Services Group and Sales, facilitating information-sharing and supporting upsell activities.

Salesforce implementation provided Gerent’s customer with email campaign management capabilities that allowed them to measure effectiveness and transfer learnings to future campaigns.

Transformation Complete

It’s fair to say that the company went from having a narrow and isolated focus of vision to having a sweeping view of the business landscape in which they operate, thanks to the Gerent-designed Salesforce solution – and the company is now reaping the benefits.

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