Salesforce Sites Drives Digital Distribution Transformation for WellCare

In 2018, Gerent (formerly Certa Dux) were approached by WellCare, one of the biggest providers of Community Care Plan (CCP) and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) in Florida. For several reasons, they were looking to transform their entire insurance platform. However, their primary focus was on healthcare quoting and pricing. To that end, they began by looking into building a lead management platform so that they could provide quotes to new leads immediately, whether online or over the phone. They knew that if they could accomplish this, they could increase their close rate exponentially.

Salesforce Sites to the rescue

Gerent began building WellCare a new distribution platform using Salesforce Sites. Sites enables organizations to create applications and websites that integrate directly with Salesforce. This in turn lets users pass data between the Salesforce backend and the site or application.

The resulting Salesforce Sites platform provides the health insurer’s clients, brokers, and anyone else involved in the insurance sales pipeline access to all available information, with restrictions based on the user’s role. Through the platform, customers can submit all of their relevant information and request a quote – in some cases, they are able to receive a quote automatically and instantaneously. In the case where they are not able to get a quote immediately, a tentative quote is provided and sales teams receive the lead information and can follow up accordingly.

The platform is also used by sales teams and brokers to leverage the same platform to provide quotes in real time as leads come in.

Dramatically reduced time-to-quote

Typically, a digital transformation of this scope and complexity would take between one and two years to complete. But in this case, the project took a mere four months, with two subsequent months spent on testing. What’s more, WellCare was able to onboard their entire team, as well as broker network, onto the platform almost immediately, thanks to how intuitive it is to use and the degree to which it improves the sales and quoting process.

The new broker platform has helped the insurer reduce time-to-quote substantially. Their brokers can now manage product catalogs, ratings, sales automation, underwriting, and renewals from one interface, with support for flexible product models in which market needs can be met and delivered in an expedited manner. The digital platform enable brokers and groups to shop and quote using rule-based workflows, with a post-sales component that can be leveraged to manage complex group installations and deliver projects on time.

The result is a sales experience that is significantly improved for brokers, who can now deliver quotes faster, engage more frequently with customers, and provide them with a wider array of recommendations.

Thanks to the Salesforce Vlocity platform, WellCare has cut down quote and bill times dramatically, enabling them to increase profits and maintain their competitive edge.

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