Verto Accelerates its Student Pipeline with Marketing Cloud

Automation is a boon in modern marketing. When deployed effectively, it gives businesses a greater ability to nurture leads and usher consumers along predefined journeys at scale without compromising on personalization. Verto, an organization that helps students explore new horizons through independent study, understands this — which is why its leadership asked Gerent to implement Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud in 2020. 

Verto needed to optimize. While the company enjoyed strong growth, its enrollment pipeline wasn’t flowing as smoothly as Verto’s leaders knew it could. Students would often abandon their applications midway, leaving the enrollment team feeling nonplussed and frustrated. The other issue they faced was security: the Verto needed to find a way to securely submit applicants’ data to partner institutions. 

Ultimately, the answer to both quandaries was the same: Marketing Cloud. 

Improve ROI and optimize processes with Marketing Cloud

By implementing Marketing Cloud, Verto would have the opportunity to track enrollments back to specific recruitment efforts, mediums, and events — a functionality that would empower the company to improve its ROI reporting and better manage outreach spend. 

Marketing Cloud’s framework would also provide Verto’s team with the means to create meaningful consumer journeys and thus optimize experiences for key stakeholders such as students, parents, counselors, and university partners. It also enabled Verto to identify missed opportunities and areas for improvement within the applicant qualification stage. 

All this said, the process of implementing Salesforce solutions can be intimidating — which is why Verto asked Gerent to step in as its implementation partner. Once briefed on Verto’s situation, Gerent’s solution architects implemented the Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. This process involved activating several solutions within the Marketing Cloud, such as Marketing Cloud Connect, Email Studio, Web Studio, Automation Studio, and Journey Builder. 

Gerent also designed a series of nurturing email campaigns that would guide key personas (e.g., students, parents, advisors) through every step of the enrollment journey, from their initial application to deposit and, ultimately, full acceptance. Every person who filled out a web form would be brought onto this automated path, which would then guide them to take specific actions based on the company’s data-backed understanding of their interests. 

After implementing Marketing Cloud, the Gerent team continued to provide support and ensure that Verto understood how to use the Salesforce tools at its disposal. Thanks to Marketing Cloud and Gerent’s assistance, Verto now has more ability than ever before to fulfill its goal of making education a foundational and accessible part of a four-year college education. 

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